Advancement / Test-out Option


Test Out Procedures for Algebra I and Geometry


I understand the following criteria must be reached in order for me to earn credit:


  1. The purpose of the test out option, or credit by competency, is for a student to further advance in math during their high school experience. It is NOT to complete the required six math credits needed for graduation as quickly as possible.
  2. Eligible students must successfully complete both semesters of the prerequisite math course with at least a B.
  3. A student may test out of a course only before the student has attempted the course during the school year. Testing out of a course is not a method for credit-recovery.
  4. Testing out is an independent endeavor with little support or contact with teachers. Math teachers may not be available for help due to family commitments, vacation plans, etc. 
  5. Students will be provided with resources to help them independently study and prepare for the post-test.
  6. An application form must be completed and submitted to the Boone High School counseling office before May 6, 2022. Application forms are available in the BHS counseling office or by this Google Form.
  7. A student may complete a pre-test for the course they wish to test out of by May 20th to assess their proficiency. Alternatively, a student may choose to waive the pre-test, study the course materials during the summer, and complete the post-test by July 29, 2022.
  8. If a student completes a pre-test, they will be given feedback on their pre-test by the last day of school. If a student did not pass the pre-test, they will receive teacher input regarding their independent study action plan by the last day of school.
  9. The pre- and post-tests need to be taken in person at the high school with a proctor. The pre- and post-tests must be taken on different days. 
  10. Students must take the post-test before July 29, 2022. When a student is ready to take the post-test, they should contact Kristina Greenfield (, Amy Hulse (, or Nikki Hightshoe ( at the high school to arrange a time.