Applied Personal Psychology - Why Try


Prerequisite: None


That is a question that every person must answer for themselves. If you don’t know your purpose, if you don’t know what drives you, if you don’t know what inspires you, you have no reason to improve your life.

Why Try is the class that will help you create who you want to be. It motivates you to overcome challenges at home, school, and life through metaphors, music, hands on activities, and conversations.

Whenever somebody asks you, why should I try? The answer is, OPPORTUNITY, FREEDOM, And SELF-RESPECT.

The program’s goal is to increase resilience and pro-social behaviors. It transforms a person’s “limited view” – focused on today’s problems, obstacles, and personal weaknesses – into a “big view,” where tomorrow’s opportunities and personal strengths are clear. The program encourages use of the WhyTry Corrections Facilitator’s Manual, journaling, active listening, giving feedback, effective reinforcement, and other multisensory tools to improve employment retention and legal compliance and address negative peers, internal and external control, negative relapse cycles, and personal responsibility.