Weighted GPA

The district recognizes that increased academic rigor improves College and Career Readiness. In order to encourage students to continuously challenge themselves by taking courses of increased academic rigor, grade weights will be determined based on each course’s level of academic rigor. In order to recognize that the academic rigor of courses varies, a dual reporting system is used.

Both an unweighted 4.0 scale and a weighted 5.0 scale will be reported. Both weighted and unweighted grade averages and class ranks will be displayed on transcripts. Graduation honors are currently determined by the unweighted grading scale.

  • Unweighted grading calculation, A's = 4.0, B's = 3.0, C's = 2.0, F = 0.

  • Weighted grading calculation, A's = 5.0; B's = 4.0; C's = 3.0; D's = 2.0, F = 0.

Courses to be weighted include any current and future Advanced Placement (AP) and College Courses that are granted credit by an accredited college. Course weight determinations will be made and updated on an annual basis and include courses in all content areas.

Students and parents shall be advised of this policy and the specifics of the grade weighting system annually at the time of course selection and student/parent handbooks.