Senior Year Plus

Through Senior Year Plus (SYP),   school districts are provided with a variety of options to enhance students’ high school experience.  Enacted by the legislature in 2008, Senior Year Plus was created to provided increased and more equal access to college credit and advanced placement courses.  Courses delivered through Senior Year Plus provide students the opportunity to take a rigorous college curriculum and receive, in many cases, both high school and college credit concurrently.

SYP Programs at Boone High School

  •    Advanced Placement

  •    Concurrent Enrollment (at BHS)

  •    Career Advantage (Online and On-Campus)

  •    Career Academies

  •    Post Secondary Enrollment Option (through ISU)

It is required that students interested in participating in Senior Year Plus programs show adequate progress for graduation. Sophomores should have a minimum of 14 credits, juniors should have a minimum 28 credits, and seniors should have a minimum of 41 credits to participate. 

It is required that students demonstrate proficiency in the academic areas of (reading, math and science) using the most recent scores on the Iowa Assessment (formerly know as the Iowa Tests of Educational Development or ITED) in order to participate in Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment/Career Advantage, and Postsecondary Enrollment Option.  If the student has not taken or is not proficient on the Iowa Assessments, he/she must complete the ACCUPLACER and ALEKS tests with scores at or above the recommended level for participation in college-level coursework (Reading 81+, Writing 70+, Math 46+ in Algebra) or a score of 19 on each of the reading, math, and science tests of the ACT.  Each program may have more specific requirements/prerequisites. 

SYP courses WILL BE COUNTED as credit toward graduation.

SYP course grades WILL BE CALCULATED into the student’s grade point average.

The student will be charged for all lost or damaged SYP text(s).

There may be a textbook rental fee in some SYP courses.

* Please contact Mrs. McIntyre for information on the registration process.  

PSEO Classes at ISU. Go to website    See your options.

The Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Act was enacted in 1987 to promote rigorous academic pursuits by providing high school students access to enroll part-time in nonsectarian courses in eligible postsecondary institutions. Now offered through Senior Year Plus, the program is available to eligible juniors and seniors as well as freshmen and sophomores who are identified as gifted and talented according to the school district’s criteria and procedures.

Eligible courses must be in the discipline areas of mathematics, science, social studies, humanities, and vocational-technical education.

To register you must go through the counselors.

NOTE: If a student fails or drops a PSEO course, he/she will be billed for the cost of the course.