SOAR - Study Skills


Prerequisite: None. 

What Skills Does Your Student Need to Succeed in the Information Age?

So much has changed from the days of a single textbook and a classroom teacher. Today’s modern student is simply not equipped with the necessary skills to organize, process, manage, prioritize and learn from the massive amounts of information they encounter.

That’s why The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum (aka SOAR Study Skills Curriculum) teaches the most critical learning, organizing, and communication skills needed to be successful in school, in virtual learning environments, and in the workplace. Those skills include:

Identify students' strengths & “SuperPowers” (according to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences)

    • Set goals

    • Establish priorities

    • Manage time

    • Organize papers, desks, lockers, & other space

    • Speak & listen effectively

    • Work with teachers & peers

    • Read and understand textbooks

    • Take notes

    • Study for tests

    • Write research papers

    • Prepare for presentations

    • Track long-term goals