EXCEL Independent/Advanced Study

Fall and Spring

Prerequisite:  9-12 students in the EXCEL program.  

Course Description: An EXCEL study is designed to give highly able students time to further intellectual, personal, and social goals. An EXCEL study may be co-taught with another teacher. Students design an individual learning experience to explore areas of interest and/or strength in more depth than might be possible within regular course offerings with the guidance, feedback, and support of the EXCEL teacher. These types of courses vary widely, but all are based on the Autonomous Learner Model. Some links to courses, competitions, and opportunities can be found here. If the chosen topic has a course offering on campus, then a student should take that course first, if possible. 

A significant portion of the coursework is done outside of class, so strong motivational behaviors are required to set and meet goals and expectations. An in-depth study of approximately sixty hours and the completion of a final project is required before the one-hour of elective credit is earned. Independent studies may include self-assessments, projects, field trips, job shadows, online learning, service learning, and collaboration with teachers and community/business partners. There is a FLEX option where students complete the independent study outside of school, meet the expected criteria, and share a final presentation. The earned credit is placed on a students’ transcript when they complete the course.

*This course is available for .5 or 1 credit.  Students will receive a grade of P/F.