Fall and Spring

10th - 12th Grade Students

Considerations: This course is recommended for those who plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution and/or to enter the workforce in business.

Course Description: Financial record keeping is an essential element for business to function efficiently. Accounting exists because it is imperative to show details of business transactions, measure profitability, and provide a basis for managerial decision making. Although accounting is often referred to as the language of business, almost all people use knowledge of accounting in personal financial activities. The high school accounting course is important to students because it provides background for a variety of career objectives. Many students look forward to careers in related business fields for which a mastery of some accounting knowledge and skill is needed. Some students seek beginning vocational preparation for careers in accounting. Other students want a foundation on which to continue the study of accounting at the college level. The high school Accounting course recognizes the potential educational and career benefits for these students. Students will be expected to meet deadlines.