U of I Entrepreneurship (Hybrid)

Fall and Spring

Grades: 11th / 12th 


Prerequisite: Principles of Business

Course Description: Entrepreneurship will teach students the "entrepreneurial mindset" by encouraging creativity, innovation, critical-thinking and problem-solving - and also equipping students with the skills necessary to succeed and excel. Through the use of BizInnovator, an online toolkit created by the University of Iowa, students will view current young entrepreneur profiles and use the obtained knowledge to complete a business planning template of their own. Throughout the course, students will study each aspect of the business planning process in depth. Current technology will be used to acquire information and complete projects. This course is a hybrid. Students enrolled in this course have the opportunity to earn 3 Entrepreneurship college credits through the University of Iowa.

Hybrid Class: A hybrid is a class that splits contact hours between the classroom and online. Hybrid classes require students to complete a portion of the required contact hours traditionally by attending class in Mrs. Wolfe's classroom, while completing the remaining hours online at the student's convenience with respect to the instructor's requirements. Students are required to meet the first week of a hybrid class. After the first week of classroom instruction, students will receive a schedule from the instructor for additional classroom days of required attendance.

*College credit is available from the University of Iowa upon successfully passing the final exam