Business, Finance, Marketing, Management (BFMM)


10th - 12th Grade Students

Considerations: This course is recommended for those who plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution and/or to enter the workforce in business.

Principles of Marketing

Grade: 10th, 11th, and 12th

Prerequisite: None

Course Description: Principles of Marketing is a project-based business course that develops student understanding and skills in the functional areas of marketing: channel management, marketing-information management, market planning, pricing, product/service management, promotion, and selling. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of each of the marketing functions and their ethical and legal issues. Decision matrices are employed to aid in market planning.

EDGE Advantage

Prerequisite:  Juniors and Seniors.  Completion of CTE courses in the areas of student interest are strongly recommended.  

Description:  Advantage students learn through collaborative, project-based learning by working in the community with business, government, and nonprofit organizations on authentic projects. They apply academic learning and refine employability skills.

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