EDGE Internship/Mentorship Plus

Fall and Spring

Prerequisites: 12th Grade Students. Pathway in course of study completed through course offerings at Boone High School is strongly recommended.  

This EDGE internship/mentorship plus course combines essential career ready skills with supervised learning on the job. The in-class portion focuses on future plans and goals with the study of career assessment, career and post-secondary research, job-seeking skills, the work force and networking. The job-site provides students with practical work experience as well as training and networking with community business partners.  Students must earn 120 on the job hours throughout the year. For this reason students must have room in their schedule to meet these requirements. Students in EDGE Internship/Mentorship Plus will have the opportunity to earn college and high school credit through the following DMACC Concurrent Enrollment courses and an additional 2.5 high school credits each semester:

DMACC Career Development Skills: ADM 221 (Semester 1)  - 2 DMACCC Credits/.66 BHS Credit

DMACC Occupational Experience: ADM 936 (Semester 1 & 2) - 3 DMACC Credits/1 BHS Credit